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Sophia Lucia Parola

Actress / Host / Model / Writer


Recent News 

You can spot me a couple times in the new Ghostbusters trailer and in the movie!

(I'm the girl on the beach with the sunglasses)

I am making my Off-Broadway debut as the Female Understudy in the new play, "Scarlett Dreams,"

at Greenwich House Theater.

Playing April 15th - May 26th.

Catch me in the new (Hed) P.E. music video for their single: "Waiting" 

About Me

Who am I 

My name is Sophia Lucia Parola. 

I am first-generation Liberian and Argentinean, born and raised in New Jersey.

My mother named me after Sophia Loren.

Why did I become an actress

Storytelling is a beautiful and powerful tool. 

It allows us to connect to ourselves and to the world.

It makes it possible to touch people regardless of who they are or where they are from.

It can help people feel.

It can help people think.

It can help people escape.

It did all of those things for me growing up, and still does.

I became an actress so that I can be apart of that connection

that storytelling allows us to create with the world.

What else do I do

I work as a professional red carpet host for film festivals.

I write screenplays--shorts, features, pilots-- and am in the process of actually making one, finally.

I practice yoga and reiki healing.

I am a proud Auntie and cat mom.

But most of all, I learn. Everyday.

 If I'm not working, I am most likely in class. 

Three things I value most about myself

My charisma. My dedication. My ability to empathize.

Why work with me

It takes a strong crew to build a true performance--to build Art.

I care about and respect that environment, both in the character's world and in mine.

I am professional, hard-working, and yet incredibly joyful to be around!

I will always give you the best of me--whether that is in the room, in front of the camera, or in life. 





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